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Indian Springs School Actually Mutant Training Facility

By Anonymous

[This bit of fantasy and humor appeared on a web site that will remain unmentioned. However, it contains such humor that I could not resist including it here. It was published in 2002 because it mentions Mel MacKay. I think only a springs student or alumni could write this]

Indian Springs School Actually Mutant Training Facility Training Grounds

[Indian Springs]

Indian Springs School, the place local parents have always thought of as a highly selective college-preparatory school, has been revealed to be a secret mutant training ground. Students are not just selected for their academic abilities, but also for their latent mutant super-powers. Once at the school, director Mel MacKay trains students in the use of their powers while simultaneously providing a seemingly normal liberal-arts education. The mutants were finally exposed by a Fox 6 news crew. Reporter Nikki Preed had come to report on the number of scholarships received by this year's graduating class when she was witness to several mutant incidents. "I had half a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the truck from earlier in the day," said Preed. "I noticed this boy messing around with the box. When I went to see what was going on, I found that the doughnuts were hot and fresh. I was a little freaked out so I only ate a couple." Preed later learned that the youth was known as 'Glaze.' According to the other students 'Glaze' had single-handedly tripled the Glee Club's take on their annual doughnut sale.

Later, Preed thought she had a scoop on drug use at the school when she detected the unmistakeable scent of pot coming from the horse stables. "By the time I got there I could detect no smoke, and no smell either," said Preed. "I heard all the kids congratulating 'Smoke' on another job well done." A little research into the history of the school brought more questions than answers. It turns out that an investigation was launched in the 50's, just after the school had opened. Police had been called several times in response to threats made by someone called 'The Mad Bomber,' a criminal mastermind whose identity has never been revealed. Then one day, the reports just stopped. Then basketball coach Fred 'Colossus' Cameron convinced Sheriffs that the problem had been solved internally, but suspicions remained. Eventually all of the assigned investigators either retired or went insane.

Contacted recently for this story, a former deputy by the name of Randolph Nesbitt produced a stack of seemingly unrelated documents he has collected about the Indian Springs facility over the years. He dusted off an old Glee Club (link to MDS ISS web site) recording and warned me to hold my ears. "This was a recruiting tool they used to use. There's a supersonic message embedded (link to "Ghost Riders In The Sky" on my web site) in the vinyl which only those with mutant powers can hear."

Parents expressed disbelief about the goings on at Indian Springs and were unsure of MacKay's role. "Director MacKay was such a nice man," said one mother. "He told me that he would take care of my son and make him into a man. He also said I made delicious fried chicken. He really had me under his spell." Other parents, especially fathers, were not so sure about their visit from MacKay. "I remember sitting at the dinner table, talking about what Indian Springs would mean to our daughter, and the next thing I knew MacKay was leaving and I found my wife in the bedroom with a headache." While not a mutant himself, MacKay is reportedly able to manipulate people's thoughts using an alien-constructed apparatus attached to his head.

Mutant powers among the student body are rumored to include speed-reading, superhuman strength and endurance, control over elements of nature, extreme sportsmanship, and superhuman resistance to powerful psychoactive drugs. Many of Indian Springs' alumni have gone on to serve in the U.S.Government in astonishingly high-ranking positions. Others have disappeared from public records without a trace. Neighbors to the sprawling campus have become accustomed to strange lights and mysterious sounds - usually ascribed to late-night games of 'Soccer' [An exotic fast-paced sport played with a round ball by players whose arms are bound tightly to their sides] which has been popular on campus since it was introduced by Ray 'The Woodsman' Woodard.