Frisbee Update - 2006
by Austin Lyman, Class 2006

Mr. Smith,

I was browsing your Indian Springs School website, read over the Frisbee section, and thought I might update you on the current program; since, our beloved Dorm Circle has disappeared.

Since the Springs of 2005, Indian Springs Frisbee has begun to become more structured to what many of us consider a sport. Tennessee and Georgia high school Frisbee programs have gained state recognition, Indian Springs has become a pioneer in the Alabama High School system by supporting Ultimate Frisbee as a Club.

The Mayor of Spring 2005 and Frisbee President, Trent Richards, took the rag-tag dorm circle group to the MudBowl 2005 tournament in Talledega and later the Corporate MudBowl Tournament in Montevello (sponsered by BUDA- Birmingham Ultimate Disc Assoc.). These two tournaments were a building block for interest in the sport as well as learning event for what the sport was, how it operated, and so on.

This year in 2005-2006 school year, the Captains (as we refer to ourselves) are Jeffrey Kim (a sophmore) and myself-Austin Lyman (senior). In October, we took a team of 10 people to Nashville, Tenn. for the 1st Tennessee State High School tournament, and competed as the only Alabama team. We placed 5th in the tournament, finishing with wins more than losses. Now approaching "Frisbee Season," we have begun to practice on weekends and even 3 times a week to prepare to the 4 upcoming tournaments we are scheduled to play. Feb. 18-19 we will compete in the College division of the MudBowl 2006; March 11-12 we will compete in Terminus in Atlanta, Georgia with top HS teams; April 8-9 the Corporate MudBowl, and April 29-30 the 2nd Tennessee State High School tournament.

We have had to BUDA sponsers/coaches assisting us occasionally, Paul Dorsey and Stacey Taylor. But, Jeffrey and I coach/play on the team. We practice on the soccer fields when possible or behind the gym near the sand volleyball court.