ISS Class of '59 50th Reunion

ISS Class of 1959's 50th Reunion
Saturday, May 30, 2009

Update of June 4, 2009

Just added, you can see photos: of both days (Alumni Weekend at ISS May 29-30 and the Party at Jerry and Joyce Lanning's Smyer Lake House)

After 50th Reunion letter from M.D. to class This is the letter that was mailed out later in June 2009 to class. Covers activities at Springs Friday and Saturday, and the party Saturday night at the Lanning's house.

Also see Letter to Class of '59 on 1-22-09. Read contents of letter on reunion and about DVD of previous reunions. Alumni Weekend was May 29 & 30, with a reception party from 5:30 to 8:00 at The Wine Loft on Friday night for ALL Alumni. What a great weekend it was.

Joyce & Jerry's Smyer Lake Directions Same place as last several reunions. Time was 3:30 till about 9:00. Almost everyone was gone by 8 pm. You know how seniors are.

Songs of the 50's A list of the pop songs as well as a list of the easy ballads. Over 200 listed. Enjoy!

Motels in the area at ISS exit and in Mt. Brook. Contact me if you need more.

Comments Mr. Fleming made at a Huntsville meeting of area Alumni on April 18, 2001. You'll enjoy his story of Mule Mills and Doc.

Here is a great page of ALL the email stories (Tales of the Springs) we swapped back in 1999. Great reading.

If you have a fresh story, send it to me to add to the NEW group of stories for 2009. The ISS Alumni Weekend is May 29-30, 2009. Put it on your calendar, in stone. This could be our last big reunion, and possibly the last possible for some of us suffering from various illnesses.

Visit these pages frequently. Below is the senior year photo, and at the top of the page was our freshman year photo. (And I have added 18 of us from 2009 party) I know the top photo is the freshman picture, because Charles Gaines is in the photo and he was only there one year. We changed a bit in four years, both our class and us as individuals. And of course, we changed even more in 50 years after our graduation.

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