1957 Plant Tropisms at ISS by M.D. Smith

This "Enrichment Project" I took on for Mr. Cobun's Biology class, was a fun project. I did all the things you see in the notebook from research I did in the library on Plant Tropisms. For the report, I took a WriteRight notebook that cost fifteen cents, and removed the spiral wire. Then I could place the pages in my Remington Portable manual typewriter ( I had just learned to type in another class that taught touch typing at night at the school) to type them. Combining the typed pages with photos I took of the experiment, I generated this project and report. It surfaced a month ago (2004) as I was looking in old boxes for some other things. I got an "A" on the project and also got an "A" in Biology at the end of the year. I did a LOT of projects because I liked the class, teacher and subject matter.

I wish I had the cut away of a dry cell battery that I made in 3-D with labels and thread pointing out all the parts of it in a black, wooden half-box I made for it. Cutting that battery in half with a hack saw was a lot of work and pretty messy (with acid on my hands and all), but it was still fun to do.

The "WriteRight Notebook cover that cost me $ .15 in 1957

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