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The Image Of Man
by Louis "Doc" Armstrong

The image of God in man is clear.
Man does not have to accept himself or
his surroundings as they are; he holds
in his power to change both.
The freedom to fashion and refashion
ourselves in the divine spark of the
human spirit. It is the source of our
dreams and purposes, of our sense of awe
and wonder. From the freedom to fashion
and refashion ourselves we have contrived the
way of science -- the modern witchery -- a
method of inventing. Possessed of it,
with despair challenging hope, we struggle
desperately to use it as an instrument of
constructive change. Always there is the
vision of a brave new world, and always
the vision is haunted by the dim sound of
the breakers dashing on the rocks ahead.
Hope is justified so long as the ideal of
freedom -- of human worth and dignity --
is alive. This ideal, though it has suffered
many cruel distortions, is yet a hidden,
driving force, haunting men and
challenging them to the fulfillment of
unrealized dreams..

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