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Bunch 'O Things from 40th Anniversary Booklet

From The ISSINFO, Volumn II, Number 6, May 5, 1964

Louis Armstrong, school director, called a town meeting last night for all boarding students to discuss the problems of theft and "the Mad Bomber." Dr. Armstrong announced that a faculty-council meeting would consider methods of stopping both problems and asked for suggestions. Coach Cameron expressed concern about students' gypping the telephone. After brief discussion, the meeting was adjourned.

Poem by Edward Stephenson

There was a young man with a boat.
Who launched his small boat in a moat.
The moat went around
And around, so he found
T'was useless to boat in a moat.

An Odd Encounter by Howard Cruse

As I shook hands with Mrs. Frood,
It struck me hard that she was nude;
But not a word said I, Not I,
Not wanting to be rude.

The subject was brought up by she.
"A nudist, I!" said she to me.
"Oh, truly - you?" said I (quite shy)
And gazed into my tea.

We sat upon a sofa there
And spoke of woe and want and care
And things to eat and things to see
But NOT of things to wear!

"A nudist, I!" said she once more
As stood I finally at the door.
Said I, "Indeed, a thing to be!"
And not a fragment more.

I left her smiling in the nude,
Did I leave smiling Mrs. Frood.
My thoughs were all of politics
And playing ball and laying bricks
And tax returns and magic tricks
And . . . .

Were they rude!!

From Kathy Heldman, 11th grade

If Creature with
Primordial visage
Furrily dwelt beneath my bed,
Would I fear it
Disregard it
Or would I smile
And stroke its head?

by Lily Embry

Now I see clearly
what was beyond my grasp.
And I can feel the sorry soar,
like an eagle near to the sun.
Through my knowing,
I am free
to fly.
The sky is so clear.
I stretch out my hand
near to the sun
and realize what was beyond my grasp.
Then soar
beyond the sun.
With freedom.

by Jason Bradley

Cheeks, like clouds blushed at dusk
capture my whole attention.

My heart is full.

The Movie Party: April 1957
by M.D. Smith - (Actually this was the invitation to our 30th Class Reunion)

If you SINCERELY remember the music of '55 through '59, you should remember IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT is when FOOLS FALL IN LOVE if they have LUCKY LIPS. If you recall MR. LEE was dating LONG, TALL SALLY in SHORT SHORTS and AT THE HOP they were SEARCHIN' for YOUNG BLOOD. Remember that Richard Green was SO TOUGH that he had to GET A JOB.

And then Lanning in his BLUE SUEDE SHOES had to STAY in KANSAS CITY with the THREE JOLLY COACHMEN. Peyton Bibb was dating SUSIE Q until he said "here is MY DING A LING" and she said, BYE BYE LOVE to him. Scotty Boggs found the BOOK OF LOVE with PEGGY SUE, but BIG BOPPER caused him some PROBLEMS. I remember the night we had some TEQUILLA and went RAUNCHY to Saluria where I said, OH BOY, but ANNIE HAD A BABY in the CRADLE OF LOVE and I certainly wasn't going TO THE AISLE.

Charlie Robinson had an EARTH ANGEL and said, "HALLELUJAH, I LOVE HER SO." Bob Watson was the coolest, but he and Chuck had to HANG UP MY ROCK AND ROLL SHOES. Peter and David knew that WITHOUT LOVE THERE IS NOTHING and it is best to COME SOFTLY TO ME. They both liked SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN - - heck, they still do. Arthur Freeman found that his NEED caused some PROBLEMS, but Vampires are people too. Sam Moorer was THE GREAT PRETENDER when he played THE HAPPY ORGAN (what organ was that?) Well, it sure made him happy DOWN IN MEXICO with RUBY BABY.

Coleman SINCERELY liked BO DIDDLEY's music and dated the QUEEN OF THE HOP.

IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME before we will all say, "HERE COMES SUMMER" and the 30th Class of '59 Reunion on June 3, 1989. So, SINCERELY plan to reply, "I'LL BE HOME" for the Springs reunion. Allen Hill and Allan Cruse will surely have MOMENTS TO REMEMBER as we all ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK. So, DON'T BE CRUEL, just TELL ME, THAT'LL BE THE DAY, when you come back to the Springs because - - -ROCK AND ROLL IS HERE TO STAY !!!


- 30 -

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