Just before the 30th reunion, I got all sentimental. I wrote a letter to Mac Fleming and told him how much he had affected me positively at ISS. In a kidding sort of way, I also mentioned something he had told me one day at dinner in the dining hall.

You guys remember how "maturity" was always stressed at The Springs. Well, my father loved to read the comics. So being all of 14, I asked Mac if reading the comics would be considered immature. He thought for a minute and finally said, "yes, I think that would be considered immature."

So in this letter complimenting and thanking Mr. Fleming, I jokingly brought this up.

A few days later, I received a note from him saying how much he appreciated my letter. He said that one of the things that kept teachers going was to occassionally have a former student remember and appreciate his efforts. Enclosed was a comic strip he'd cut from the newspaper. He said he'd changed his mind.

Allen Hill