Sports by Bob Athey '59

We did indeed have an interscholastic baseball team our senior year, the first year ISS had one. I remember some of the positions, but not all. Others may. Arthur Freeman pitched or played shortstop. Charles Robinson played third base or pitched. I, although I was 5'10 (then) played first base. I forget who was catcher or in the outfield. Sometimes Coach would bring in John Bauerlien to play first and put me in right field (left-handed). Scotty played some on into the season, but was more involved in track early on.

We did not have a tennis team. I had forgotten that Arthur represented us Junior year. However, I represented us Senior year in singles and beat Tuddy Brown 18-16 and 6-4 (no tiebreakers then). I vaguely remember getting some encouragement from Charlie Red through a dehydrated haze somewhere near the end of the first set. I'm not kidding about the dehydration. I had run in the cross-country event earlier that day.

Our cross-country team included Jerry Lanning and myself from our class. I believe we competed for three years, but Jerry would know better about the actual duration of the team. Once Jerry and I were doing our Hard Monday run in the training regime and decided to cross over into Double Oak Mountain area. We got lost and had to run our way back to the Springs by going back to the highway and turning north to the Springs road. We had missed supper and went to eat at Coach Pieh's house. I think we had run from about 2pm until 7pm, and that is as close as I ever want to get to a marathon. The experience was almost hallucinogenic, but how would I know? I never did drugs.

Bob Athey